STOP Social media profile OVERLOAD. Share ONE online business card containing all of your profiles in a single shareable link


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STOP Social media profile OVERLOAD. Share ONE online business card containing all of your profiles in a single shareable link

Don’t you think it is getting really annoying having to handle a fistful of social media profiles everytime you want to give your contact details to a potential client?

You have to get them printed on business cards, you have to place them in email footers and all over your website.

When fresh clients contact you, they are bombarded with your social profiles.

If anything changes, such as changing a profile or adding a new one you have to reprint business cards and alter all of the links again.


STOP Social media profile OVERLOAD. Share ONE online business card containing all of your profiles in a single shareable link

In order to make your work life easier, I’m going to introduce you to free online business cards, by Social Bow.

This is a simple and free to use startup I discovered through a post on Reddit and it is already making my life easier.

Instead of sharing a ton of different profiles on my freelance writing job application, I just add this single shareable link from Social Bow and if I need to alter anything in the future I can simply update my Social Bow page.

I wish I would have found Social Bow earlier as I recently changed my Facebook Page URL and I then needed to update all of my other pages, sites, emails and documents containing the old URL.

Social Bow saves time and money on:

  • Reprinting business cards
  • Reprinting business cards
  • Updating email footers
  • Updating personal contact details
  • Updating corporate details

Now you only need one shareable link for all contact details and social media profiles, awesome. Check out my Social Bow card.

Social Bow is an online business card

social bow online business card profile

I didn’t think about an online business card until I started using Social Bow, then it started to make a lot of sense.

Why are we spending time worrying about which social media profile to link to? We should be able to send them all easily.

An online business card makes a lot of sense, not only for social profile sharing but for the simplicity of how I never have to send someone my email address anymore.

Instead, I send the Social Bow link and it gives the potential client more opportunity to engage with me online, to follow me and to see other parts of my work.

It is the perfect tool for increasing engagement with potential clients. Simplicity at its best.

This is all you need to do to get setup with Social Bow in 2 minutes

It takes a brief moment to sign up, once you’re done with that gather some social profile links, an image and copy a bio from one of your profiles to use here.

socialbow online business cards

Simply add your details and a bio. I also added my preferred contact method and email address to my bio.

Add your top three social media profiles. These will appear as clickable icons around your profile image.

Next, add your media channels such as youtube.

Add your links, for this I added my Linkedin profile and my blog URL. However , you can choose from a large list of other links when you click the plus symbol to add more (you can’t see it in the image above, but it is below the box).

Social Bow is a useful startup with good potential

Social Bow is new and exciting but is still improving. Don’t be shy, contact the developer via the site if you have any feedback or changes which would be useful to you.

If you find Social Bow interesting, let me know in the comments!


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