SEO & IM Crunch – Thursday 24th Sept 2015


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SEO & IM Crunch – Thursday 24th Sept 2015

Google webmaster central office hours hangout

John Mueller will be hosting this hangout. Be sure to get your questions in early.

I intend to join the hangout and have posted a question already. I’ll report back tomorrow on any interesting titbits from the hangout in tomorrow’s SEO & IM Crunch post.

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Click here to go to John Mueller’s Google Hangouts announcement post.


Reports of vast falls in AdSense earnings and delayed reports for September 2015

In a thread on Webmasterworld many webmasters claim to be experiencing huge falls in their AdSense earnings from around the beginning of September with no indication of why. Many of these webmasters are also experiencing delays in reporting too. A lot of the posters say similar things, one poster wrote:

Just wanted to let everyone know that it’s a new day, and yesterday’s stats are as stuck as they were then, still at 1/10 to 1/15 of what earnings would normally be. Who knows, maybe they’ll still update.

At least today (earnings still look low for this time), my Performance Reports tab has a mesage at the top which says, “We’re sorry, some data in this report is delayed,” and something about how it doesn’t impact ad serving or payments.

I reached out to the AdSense team on Twitter:

If you’re also experiencing similar issues then it will be worth your time to checkout the thread on Webmasterworld.

Editor’s Picks – Useful SEO & IM posts

The Ultimate Guide to Factors That Don’t Affect Search Rankings

I’m known mainly as a Blackhat, but this label is inaccurate because to me, the most important factor in SEO and marketing is what works(with some consideration of ethics). I also think that when deploying a money-making strategy whether it be a small site using Blackhat techniques or a large branded website, the difference between success and failure of a good website and a great website is the attention to detail. Spending time and effort on details which won’t directly affect rankings will often make the difference in pushing it towards success.

Neil Patel wrote a very useful and actionable blog post around factors that any type of SEO(Blackhat or Whitehat) should be paying attention to, even thought they don’t directly affect rankings and I completely agree with this. I think Neil has done a great job with this blog post and it is a must read.

Checkout Neil’s post on his blog.


Case Study: Spending 25,000.00 on an offline biz using WickedFire BST services

User tim2963 claims to have spent approximately $50,000 on SEO related services through Wickedfire over the past five years. He also provides a current list of his used services and best threads to read. He states he is now running his business differently by running the marketing for offline businesses in exchange for a percentage.

Whether you are Blackhat or Whitehat, I think it is important to take a serious look at how each side operates in order to better understand the market as a whole as well as the possibilities open to develop your own strategy and marketing efforts in new ways.

Tim2963 is running this case study and giving detailed responses showing his progress, checkout the thread here.

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