How to improve concentration: 3 hardcore ways to stay focused while working from home or studying


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How to improve concentration: 3 hardcore ways to stay focused while working from home or studying

Having talent is nothing rare, talent is everywhere, everybody has talent. What makes a person successful is hard work and consistency.

But to be a hard worker you have to consistently put that effort in day after day, even when you don’t want to.

The only way I know how to do that is to force a mindset shift into “the zone”.

You know the one, the mindset where you’re heavily focused and your mind is on the right track, nothing is distracting you, you’re just powering away to achieve your goals.

Today I’m going to talk to you about how to improve concentration with three awesome things you can do to help get you zoned-in.

How to improve concentration: 3 hardcore ways to stay focused while working from home or studying

Cold Turkey Blocker

Do you constantly get distracted while you’re trying to stay focused and concentrate?

What difference to your productivity would it make if you could lock yourself out of Facebook, Youtube, Reddit, Twitter etc?

What if you could lock yourself out of your favourite computers games or even distractions like email too?

Cold Turkey is great at improving concentration

That is exactly how Cold Turkey improves concentration.

It gives you control over yourself.  Sometimes we know what we want, but our lazy procrastinating mind has other ideas. This takes away the ability to act on the other ideas and distractions.

Not only that, Cold Turkey also lets you schedule the blocking, so if you make a promise to work from 9 am to 5 pm tomorrow, you can schedule the blocking on the night before and keep your promises.

Cold Turkey is a website and distraction blocker which has become an integral tool for keeping me on track.

Try it for yourself, its free: Cold Turkey Blocker

How to improve concentration and stay focused with Caffeine + L-Theanine

Wikipedia Nootropics (pronunciation: /noʊ.əˈtrɒpᵻks/ noh-ə-trop-iks)—also called smart drugs or cognitive enhancers—are drugs, supplements, or other substances that improve cognitive function, particularly executive functions, memory, creativity, or motivation, in healthy individuals.”

For example, caffeine is a Nootropic, so is herbal tea or even Ibuprofen. Anything which can increase cognitive function through biological chemical mechanisms.

Nootropics are growing in popularity, I first came across them while researching ways to combat my autism.

If you’ve ever been to Holland and Barrett you’ll have seen lots of them already.

The two Nootropics I use while trying to stay focused and to improve concentration are caffeine and l-theanine.

The great thing about these two is that they are proven scientifically through their core mechanism and through several studies, that they combine and improve cognitive function in a number of ways.

l-theanine is an ingredient found in the humble cup of tea. So you’ve already taken l-theanine before and l-theanine may be the reason that a cup of tea can be a nice little boost.

However, when you extract l-theanine from tea in greater quantities and combine it with caffeine, the synergistic effect has shown to have profound improvement on cognitive function.

In other words, l-theanine combined with caffeine can make you smarter for a short while.

There are many studies to support this discovery.

In this 2008 study, the effects of l-theanine, caffeine and placebo were examined.

At first, they had been tested them individually, l-theanine didn’t have much cognitive enhancement, caffeine had a predictable alertness and focus increasing mechanism and the placebo had no effect.

However, once the caffeine and the l-theanine were combined the study discovered some incredible additional improvements.

The improvements were as follows:

  • Reaction time
  • Numeric working memory reaction time
  • Accuracy of sentence verification
  • Accuracy of rapid visual information processing
  • Mental fatigue decreased
  • Headaches were reduced
  • Improved concentration

In essence, the combination improved cognitive function and concentration. As I type this post I took a small scoop of l-theanine and a cup of coffee an hour ago.

I definitely feel a slight difference and it certainly improves my concentration and ability to stay focused.

There are a ton of studies to support these findings which you can search for on and PubMed.

Mind Nutrition products improve concentration

I’ve been a long time customer of Mind Nutrition. They are cheap, they deliver fast and the owner is fanatical over Nootropics, it isn’t just a business to him, it is his life.

You’re better buying l-theanine in powder form, it is cheaper than capsules and lasts longer. If you take a look at the image of my proof of purchase you’ll see I ordered mine in September 2016 and I’m only just running out now.

You get a little scoop with the powder and some information on dosages. It is impossible to overdose on l-theanine, it isn’t toxic so don’t ever worry about that.

If you need anything else just fire an email over to the owner and he’ll help you out, other than that check out the /r/nootropics subreddit on Reddit.



proof of purchase
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For UK: Mind Nutrition L-Theanine

For EU: Mind Nutrition L-Theanine

For US: Mind Nutrition L-Theanine

Make coffee interesting, Bulletproof coffee

Bulletproof Brain Octane

Bulletproof Brain Octane

Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof Coffee

Grass fed Ghee

Grass fed Ghee

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A Bulletproof coffee is basically a frothy looking black coffee which contains no milk. It is made with a high-fat oil such as coconut oil and then blended with unsalted butter until frothy.

It sounds disgusting but it actually tastes good and there is some good science behind why the ingredients combine to make a nice energy booster and help with cognitive function.

Bulletproof coffee is like the fashionable new brand on the block, it is also expensive. You can make your own at home but it doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles claimed to improve cognitive function and health that the Bulletproof guys claim.

There are currently three major components of the Bulletproof brand which you can purchase to make the coffee exactly how they instruct.

  • Bulletproof certified clean coffee beans
  • Brain Octane MCT oil
  • Grass-fed Ghee

For UK: Bulletproof online Store

For EU: Bulletproof Online Store

For US: Bulletproof Online Store

How to improve concentration with the Power Hour Technique

The power hour technique works best when combined with the two tips above.

The point of the power hour technique is to make a statement to yourself.

You are stating that no matter what happens today, no matter how unmotivated you feel, no matter how lazy you feel, you will, for just one hour, focus entirely on your work.

When I think of the power hour, I get good feelings, I think of how good it feels to be in the zone. I grab my headphones, I pick my favourite playlist, I slam down the egg timer and it is game-on.

How to improve concentration

Having the ability to make that snap decision and to see the results of it is invigorating and through force of habit, you’ll learn how to improve concentration and use it as a tool to unlock your brain when you’re feeling lazy.

You might find that after the power hour you naturally start working even longer.

The power hour forces your brain to make a mindset change from thinking about distractions to thinking about work and once you’re in that mindset to work, it can actually become a lot of effort for your brain to switch back to being lazy. It is a great technique which I’m employing right now as I type this post.

What you need:

  • An alarm, preferably a physical object that ticks as well. I use an egg timer. It should be able to time at least an hour.
  • Headphones, Spotify and a playlist which really gets you in the mood for working. I like listening to Korn for working, they have a ton of albums and I’m a big fan of their music. Some people like silence, but I’m autistic and I find silence to be deafening, headphones and loud music allow me to block out everything around me.
  • Rid yourself of distractions. This is your hour, own it. Take the pets into another room, lock away the children, lock your home-office door, go to the toilet, get a drink, grab something to eat, turn off your phone, use Cold Turkey, use the Nootropics, then take a deep breath and start the timer.

Let me know in the comments how the power hour works for you and if you know people who would benefit from this post, please share it.

How to improve concentration: Recapped

These three awesome ways of staying focused while working has helped me tremendously in keeping me productive, heck, I’m using them while I write this post and today really sucked for trying to stay motivated! So they definitely work.

We learned that the Cold Turkey app is awesome if you can’t keep control of your online distractions, that Nootropics can be a powerful aid in kickstarting your brain and that you can trick your brain into complying with the Power Hour technique.

If these aren’t enough and you want to take things a step further than you should read my megapost on how I discovered how to efficiently work from home and stop lazy and procrastinating tendencies.

Thanks for reading, if you found this post helpful, please share it and subscribe via email in the sidebar or footer.

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