Is the fat lady singing for PageRank?

Is the fat lady singing for PageRank?

As far as I can remember there has not been such a long period between PageRank updates. Matt Cutts has stated fairly recently that PageRank could be on its way out(at least from public view I think). At the time this video was released, made a relevant post with some great points to consider about the usefulness of PageRank to users versus SEO specialists.

PageRank is often used by link sellers and spammers as a gauge for how valuable a link is, but as time has moved on and Google’s algorithm has evolved, it seems as though PageRank only covers a small section of a site’s value. PageRank’s usefulness to Google’s search users is on the decline(at least in Google’s eyes). And to be quite honest, I’m happy to see it go because PageRank’s usefulness to Blackhatters is also on the decline. Since PageRank is seemingly targeting a smaller section of a site’s worth(mainly backlinks) it doesn’t really give the full picture.

Like I said, I’m happy to see PageRank go if it does, because this means SEO clients and link sellers can finally dump the metric which is often flawed. It only seems to be clients, whether this is link buyers or SEO clients who mistakenly judge PageRank as the absolute value of a site or a link.

But what do we lose without PageRank?

There is one major loss if PageRank goes the way of the Dodo and that is the indication of penalties. Google often deliberately lowers PageRank to indicate that they don’t trust a site anymore. Moz’s tools don’t give the same indication of Google’s decision to penalize a site, simply because they’re not Google. Also, blog posts pointing at your site from a blog network need to be checked every so often with Scrapebox(or a similar tool) to see if there have been any major PageRank drops as this would indicate a penalized blog, in which case you would want to remove your link from that specific blog.

Without PageRank what do we use to value a website?

I think Moz’s Domain Authority will be the next PageRank, it’s popularity is already quite high and in the absence of the PageRank bar in Google’s Toolbar I think people will begin to fall back on it. A lot of blog networks use Moz’s Domain Authority as an indication of strength already and it is spreading at a steady pace.

On the other hand we have Majesticseo’s flow metrics which split a website’s value gauge into two parts, Trust Flow and Citation Flow. The idea behind this is to show a more clear indication of how many links a site has and how valuable these links actually are. I often combine Majestic’s link graph with Moz’s Domain Authority when checking how strong a site is.

How do you think the impact of losing the PageRank metric would affect the SEO world?

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    August 28, 2013

    I really like this site and your posts on BHW (when they are not removed) but I’m puzzled.

    Page rank hasnt mattered to serious SEO’s for years now and it is no indication of popularity, indeed, you could have a site at no.1 on page 1 with a PR of 0.


    • Avatar
      August 28, 2013

      Hey Harro, thanks for the kind words its great to see someone like you here.

      I think we are dragged into still taking it seriously when clients with little knowledge constantly see “PageRank” all around the web as the main metric.

      The problem is also that tools like Scrapebox also use PageRank as the main metric. Until we see PageRank disappear and another metric take over we won’t see a change in all of our tools. I personally can’t wait for it to go, but I will miss knowing if a site has been penalized or not.


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    August 31, 2013

    Is .edu backlink important for google rangking ? How abou bing or yahoo search engine ?