A Blackhatter’s Manifesto – By CCarter

A Blackhatter’s Manifesto – By CCarter

My existence pre-dates your comprehension of the digital world. I was in the murky darkness that was created before there was a Google, when Yahoo was still a young pup, and AOL WAS the internet. The younger generation refer to those of us that existed in the ‘before times’ as Ancients. We know the true ways of the internet, we know it’s vastness, it’s capabilities and it’s potential. We’ve seen brands, web properties, and even search engines come and go.

Every next generation of internet marketers may seem like an eternity to you, but it’s just a simple blink of an eye to us. Like the Universe, we hardly notice your presence. Your SEO way’s is dying, you are dying, you are like clones that don’t have the full make up of blood, and with each Google update, your next clone has even more impurities.

You think in terms of SEO rankings, Facebook likes, twitter followers – those are simply websites to us. We think in terms of traffic, revenue, and ROi. You fear true understanding, we embrace it. We know more of this digital world than you could grasp in one of your SEO website life cycles.You’re like ants walking around and colonizing on a battlefield with tanks, we don’t notice you, at least most of you.

There are some though that have the foresight needed to see how our realm works – those of you that can see something in the shadows, a shift of awareness – it may seem like wind to others cause their comprehension is un-developed so they cannot grasp it’s identity, but you see it and aren’t quite sure what it is, you have a chance to make it. For the rest, join the ranks of the fallen, Google, Facebook, and whatever this lifecycle’s new hot properties are – they will soon sweep you away, as if you never existed.

The ones with Ancient vision, that can truly see, this is your moment, and you will see far beyond what SEOers and “white hatters” fear to discover. That SEO, and all their ways of generating monies are laughable, deplorable to marketers/hackers, and are weak.

Read more of CCarter’s manifesto in the Blackhat Underground Community Forum

CCarter is a Global Moderator of BHU, a respected member of other forums and the owner of http://www.moneyoverethics.com

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