[Blackhat Method Analysis] Rank With Web 2.0 & GSA SER using 12 subdomains via BHW


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[Blackhat Method Analysis] Rank With Web 2.0 & GSA SER using 12 subdomains via BHW

It is always important to follow the goings-on of each dark corner of the net. The great thing about these Blackhat forums and communities is that they actually roll their sleeves up and test new ways to earn money online (usually through increasing rankings in Google and affiliate marketing). I think all SEOs and marketers, Whitehat or Blackhat should pay attention to these types of places as they can give invaluable information on how Google works and what is possible. Whether you agree with it or not is another matter, but to watch is to learn.

The Pledge

User “blackhatpc” from Blackhatworld.com has laid out a plan to try to earn $100 per day from CPA offers through some common Blackhat link techniques. The user¬† claims to have researched twelve keywords of low-to-mid competition in separate niches which adds up to approximately one hundred thousand potential search traffic.

The Method

The user is targeting each of these 12 keywords by creating 12 subdomains from a single new domain. I’m unsure if each of these keywords are related or targeting separate niches, however considering these are all subdomains, my own logic would have me believe that they are related.

The user claims that the twelve subdomains will have been filled with content written by them-self and images from Google images.

After that comes the linkbuilding. The user claims to intend to hit each subdomain blog with GSA search engine ranker software to specifically create contextual followed links (Video, Article directories, Social Networks and Wiki).

After waiting a week,  the user then intends to blast the twelve subdomains again with two thousand to five thousand links and then create a second tier of links in a similar manner.

The user intends to use the SEO Content Machine software to generate content for the properties that are created using the GSA software.

This type of work continues by creating multiple tiers in an effort to increase the raw power behind each of the subdomains.

My thoughts

Blackhat methods of vast linkbuilding such as this tend not to last very long these days. But I always remember feeling like this many times before in my own projects and then being surprised at how long the high rankings lasted and how well the method performed.

My main concern with this method is if the user can generate conversions from the money site. I also feel the user didn’t explain why he used subdomains. Lastly, the list of sites he uses to spam with GSA will have to be scrubbed and working well in order to keep the number of links alive high.

I’ll follow this method and see where it goes, sometimes these methods can shock and surprise with the results.

Click here to go to the full thread on BHW

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    May 02, 2016

    I know itz 2016, but have you checked the method.What are your overall thoughts on this process?


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      March 19, 2019

      i loves your post you are written a great post now i want to learn more about black hat so can you given me classes about black hat seo


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    March 12, 2019

    I need black hat techniques can you share me some of them which give me good result