A year old today – The Blackhat Underground Forum(BHU) – Reflecting on the past year and what is next


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A year old today – The Blackhat Underground Forum(BHU) – Reflecting on the past year and what is next

In this industry of SEO, Marketing and Online Business there are many communities which are failing to keep up with the pace of change. What we are building at BHU is the future for Internet Marketing of all types. We’ve now hit one year old (July 8th) and the community has exceeded my expectations, we have an incredible community of experts who have taken hold of the forum in both hands. This goes to show how thirsty successful marketers are for a community that has actual substance to it. We will always be changing to keep up with an evolving market.

I have been a member of communities that did not deliver. It always felt like the owners of these communities were simple businessmen and that they had no experience with the details and hardships of Online Marketing, owners that never launched any other new projects of their own, they simply bled their community dry, treating it as a cash-cow, often corrupt and unforgiving. This is not the type of community I want to be a part of and it is with this in mind that BHU was born.

As the BHU admin and owner, I want to be fair, unbiased, non-corrupt and to inspire a rock solid community of experts to push for similar goals. I’m the guy that is just like you, I’m still trying to rank small affiliate pages as well as manage the forum and launch big projects. I run case studies to reverse-engineer the SERPs and game Google. I’m here to provide the community we always wanted to be a part of but could never find.

The past year’s successes

In truth I often want to express and use the successes of the forum as a way to attract more experts, but the unforgiving nature of advertising in Internet Marketing means that no one honestly believes that the claims are true. We had a great success story of DextronBH one of our first members. His is a great accomplishment of being in debt to making minimum $10,000 per month. It is the type of stuff we seem to find in our junk mail, but it is the truth and it is extremely difficult for people to accept that such a thing is true considering the awful fake threads and fakes we find on other forums.

And it is not just people using the forum to individually become successful, I’ve watched as the community has combined and joint ventures have flourished. The community as a whole has enriched many people’s lives. That is not just some bullshit spin-doctor line in order to butter you up, it is the truth.

The success of the forum in the last year is not down to me, it is down to the community who have embraced what they were already looking for, a community worth being a part of.

There have been a bunch of great events in the past year, great threads, great case studies but what I personally remember are the times when a member has come to me to tell me that the community has bettered their life. I’m not saying everyone became rich since coming here, but for several reasons in several ways the forum has helped a lot of individuals in the past year and it is when I receive those messages that I feel the greatest success.

 I’m here to provide the community we always wanted to be a part of but could never find.

What is next for The Blackhat Underground

I think BHU is its own entity now. BHU is not about the forum or the content inside, it is about the collective community. And BHU will always exist while the core values and and ideas are the focus for the community. So for me the focus is always on how I can keep the community engaged and talking. However, outside of that, I’d like to start changing some perspectives in the SEO industry. BHU is special because even though we are a small community and we call ourselves Blackhat, by our core values alone we bridge the gap between Blackhat SEO and Whitehat SEO. This has also been helped by Google which have done everything but state that SEO is in itself Blackhat. So I’d like to change people’s minds about what Blackhat actually means and get them thinking about the direction that SEO is moving and where they stand.

But most of all, I’d just like to keep introducing great successful people into the community as that  is the most important goal of all. I’m going to be doing everything I can to facilitate the community as well as possible and this may manifest itself in some new forum development work. I also have blackhatmarketplace.com on the horizon and that will be a game-changer for SEO and Marketing services as our whole ethos is trust for consumers and sellers alike. Something that a lot of marketplaces refuse to provide. This will only further help to create a safer and better industry for the community to exist in.

I’d like to attract more companies looking for affiliates to see us as a great source for joint ventures and testing their products too. Anything I can do to connect the dots for people and help them become successful online.

So raise your glasses for a successful first year and lets celebrate the next year in style!

The Blackhat Underground Forum(BHU)

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    July 08, 2014

    Truly is one of the best communities there is. Since joining the forum I hardly ever login to other forums now… Not because I’m lazy, but you tend to find the same information being regurgitated from BHU a few days later. I’m sure it will continue to grow, and as you say let’s hope the good principles stick and we don’t get inundated with those who will not be named!


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    July 08, 2014

    Yup indeed great community, mee since joined BHU the same is always opened in my browser, lets say like my home page …


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    July 08, 2014

    Hpy bday


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