SERP Watch – Month to month tracking of top Blackhat SEO sites

SERP Watch – Month to month tracking of top Blackhat SEO sites

I track rankings for top Blackhat sites and give the data to you – for free!

I researched and analyzed six notorious online industries and picked out websites ranking on the first page of Google which directly conflict with Google’s notion of a good website and their T&Cs. Not just to show how ineffective Google is, but to examine how the real successful online businesses are overcoming Google’s updates and making money in the most competitive industries.

Over the course of this year I will analyze how each of these websites reached such a high position and the tactics these marketers are using to achieve their results. We can track the top 10 results for these industries and see how they develop over the next year, including which sites come and go, which remain dominant and how the SERP results evolve over time. The industries tracked are listed in the tabs below.

I searched through the first page of Google for several big keywords and found nine Blackhat sites to track.

I found four sites from a couple of big keywords which seem to be interesting enough to track.

There are some very interesting ranking strategies employed in this industry which I've written about before on BHW forum. I'm tracking seven websites.

There are six websites i'm tracking in this industry. One of the most interesting is a hacked site in the Anime niche which has been ranking on the first page for some time. It would be interesting to see how Google justifies this.

A notorious niche for scams and very spammy untrusted websites, yet we still find strange sites ranking highly. I'm tracking seven websites but there are some very Blackhat techniques at work in this niche which will take time to unravel.

This niche has some extremely strong and well developed website ranking, surprisingly this niche is possibly the most competitive of all as its popularity is astounding. Yet we still find Blackhat sites at work which are interesting to track in such a competitive SERP

Keeping a close eye on specific highly profitable and competitive SERP verticals in an attempt to research and analyze the facts behind the Google algorithm’s preference to these sites.

Let me ask you a question, would you listen to someone about how not to run your business? Or would you pay attention to what the most successful businesses in your industry are doing?

You can pay attention to Google and what problems may arise for your business, or you could pay attention to the websites that are thriving and the strategies used to rank extremely well through every update.

This is exactly what I’ve been doing and the most shocking part of my research is the amount of websites at the top of Google for million dollar keywords which do not do what Google says and go directly against their T&Cs yet continue to rank well. This only further solidifies the realization that Google is just an algorithm which can be circumvented, think Neo in The Matrix and you get the picture.

Free access to the Agent Blackhat RankRanger account which tracks over 35 blackhat sites

The Rank Ranger account

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The password changes every time I create a new blog post. Access is free and all I ask is that you visit my blog for the new password and if you’re interested, view one of my blog posts.

Feedback and new site suggestions

If you find any websites in Google which are ranking for a keyword you think they shouldn’t then shoot me an email or leave a comment and I’ll see if we can dissect it in order to find out exactly why it ranks so highly.

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    June 23, 2013

    Hey how to see for whih keyword a website is ranked for.



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      June 23, 2013

      Look at the green box in the post, it gives you all of the details to login.


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    June 23, 2013

    Very useful info. Actually I also tracked some of those websites on google uk, as they were competitors my competitors. However as far as I have noticed they have dropped. Annoying fact was, that they actually hacked peoples websites to get rankings (mostly wordpress based). It’s said, but this sort of techniques became very common this days.

    Good post, I will try to visit your blog more frequently.

    By the way, post on BHW about 301s is already deleted? Good work and research. I have tested it with few domains while ago and it works 🙂