Powerful Pinterest Marketing Series (PPM): #1 – Learn how to unlock the insane potential of Pinterest Marketing


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Powerful Pinterest Marketing Series (PPM): #1 – Learn how to unlock the insane potential of Pinterest Marketing

Welcome to my obsession with Pinterest, also known as my new Powerful Pinterest Marketing series, The PPM Series for short.

The more I learn about this amazing enigma of a social media platform, the more potential I can see it has.

Over the coming weeks, this series will explore the key areas of Pinterest and how we can unlock its potential for your business. 

Pinterest is a very specific and particular platform in its audience and function, so it can be used in many interesting ways and like all social media platforms it has its strengths and weaknesses that we can uncover.

Whether you are marketing products, content, services or you’d just like some extra traffic, I can promise you that by the end of this series you will have a much improved understanding of Pinterest and how you can use it to achieve your goals, success and a heavier wallet.

These are just some of the things we will be looking at during the Powerful Pinterest Marketing series:

  • Strategies used by successful Pinterest marketing champions
  • Pinterest Catalogs
  • Pinterest Groups Strategy
  • Pinterest SEO Strategy
  • Pinterest Keyword Research
  • Pinterest Niches
  • Pinterest Board Strategy
  • Pinterest Case Studies – *Excited face*
  • Pinterest Affiliate Marketing
  • Pinterest Pinning Automation
  • Pinterest Pin Creation
  • Pinterest Performance Analytics
  • And Much more!

Pinterest has many applications and I can’t wait to reveal what I’ve discovered on my journey.

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Your Powerful Pinterest Marketing (PPM) adventure awaits!
pinterest marketing adventure

And every journey starts with taking 2 minutes to take the first step

I’ll be honest, like most of us, I didn’t understand Pinterest very well. I found it difficult to make sense of the audience and answer the questions of how and why people use it.

But it isn’t just the audience I struggled with, the way in which it drives traffic is based on users committing to clicking through to your site with such small amounts of information and click-through opportunities, it just seemed clunky.

However, Pinterest is exploding right now and I think you’ll agree that the value marketers and businesses seem to be been getting out of it make it legitimately powerful as a marketing tool.

I refused to fall behind my competitors.

We have all noticed them, our competitors, who seem to be doing great on Pinterest, great big smile on their face, wearing their pins like a badge of honour, taunting us with their fancy-pants boards.

But alas, all-in-all, like most of us, I was a Pinterest noob.

There was only one way to solve this. I had to go full Matrix, Neo was unleashed upon the web. Like a junkie, I injected as much Pinterest into my bloodstream as I could take.

I consumed Pinterest for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and supper.

I called myself Roy, married Pinterest and started a family, beat cancer, but didn’t go back to the carpet store.

I took Roy off the grid!

Like a trillion monkeys with typewriters trying to write the entire works of Shakespeare by hitting the typewriter with their face, I was rabid, devouring everything Pinterest I could get my claws on. 

I went so deep and so far I dreamt about a risqué Neil Patel who, like Sharon Stone, wouldn’t crack under pressure of questioning.

Alas, my journey to discover everything I can about how top marketers are driving traffic and sales using Pinterest came to a glorious end.

Now that my skills have advanced so far, I can bounce a penny off of Nicki Minaj’s butt and hit that sucker with a Pinterest pin if I wanted.

I went from courage the cowardly dog to swarve and sexy like Peter Parker wearing the symbiote.


My ability as an autistic human sponge for information is now at your disposal, so hold onto that piece of driftwood, Rose, because I’m about to draw Pinterest for you like one of my French girls.

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pinterest marketing traffic

The better I understand it, the more I enjoy using it

Powerful Pinterest Marketing (PPM) #1

In this first episode we are concentrating on a general overview of understanding Pinterest and its audience so we can grasp what kind of platform it is, how it functions and what type of people use it.

Understanding the audience is essential to understanding how we can use it, it will be an important aspect of the series in weeks to come.

It is important to have a full understanding of Pinterest

Gaining a better understanding of Pinterest, the intention behind it, its audience and why it is so popular, is essential for understanding how to use it as a marketing tool.

You need this foundation of knowledge to build and draw upon when you make decisions and brainstorm new inspirational ideas for making best use of it.

I’ll start off small, with an important explanation of how Pinterest works and its audience then I will gradually move onto Pinterest marketing strategies currently being used by the real champions of Pinterest in upcoming episodes of the series.

What is Pinterest?

No, I am not patronising you.

We already know that Pinterest is a social share site users post images to which get shared.

What I’m interested in, is more specifically what Pinterest is as a marketing tool and a traffic source.

Pinterest is a visual list maker (boards)

With Pinterest, the equivalent of a like/share/upvote is a pin, but on Pinterest, you share pins… with yourself! (On your own board).

What this means is that instead of sharing a link or piece of content and never seeing it again, you are instead saving and sharing them to your own board. You are building your own account’s authority, trust and user-base.

Pinterest Marketing with my example board

My example board – Learning about Pinterest and applying it is fun, the boards also become useful to you as a user as well

When you Pin something, it is more meaningful and has increased value than on other social sharing sites and it can keep bringing in visitors over long period of time. You get more value out of using this social media site’s “currency” so to speak.

This is a major, game changing difference with Pinterest, compared to other social media sites.

When basic users pin something, they are building a list of things they like. They are building a list of things they can go back to at a later time and browse over and over.

So in terms of marketing; this means you can build something that people can find useful, you are not just dumping links and then the links get buried like on other platforms.

On Pinterest you have an opportunity to do something more by building the authority and usefulness of your account up.

You are building your boards which are visual lists that users will enjoy browsing.

Pinterest is a search engine

Users often use Pinterest as a real search engine for inspirational ideas, things they want to buy, they even search with actual questions.

In fact, every month 2 billion searches occur on Pinterest.

pinterest search engine

Marketing on pinterest correctly is all about categorizing. Relevance is HUGE on pinterest.

Relevance is a massive theme in the functionality of Pinterest, when people talk about Pinterest SEO, they are not just talking your average YouTube video SEO, they really are emphasizing its importance specifically for Pinterest’s search and suggestions algorithm.

Pinterest is incredibly sensitive to things like the descriptions in pins, the relevance of lists, the things people already pinned, keywords and more.

Also, when people talk about Pinterest SEO they often mean for Pinterest’s own search engine and the suggested pins the site gives users, they don’t often mean Google!

Understanding how important relevance, categories and Pinterest SEO is, will give you a good foundation to build upon when formulating new Pinterest marketing ideas.

Pinterest is a SEE and BUY experience

There seems to be a few common themes among the type of content people pin.

There are pins for general things like content or statements the user likes or agrees with, but more often than not, it is usually real world items and products that they desire which are pinned.

In fact, 84% Pinners use Pinterest to decide what to buy.

The power of this visual search engine and list maker for users who are looking for a product to purchase, is immense.

To put it in real world terms, if you were to compare Pinterest to Amazon. Amazon would be your typical Walmart, rows of shelving displaying all the products and prices.

Pinterest however, would be a huge IKEA, with large display rooms and staff demonstrating what a product looks like and how it might look in your home.

The experience of looking for products through Pinterest is much richer and more interesting and you get to pin the interesting products to boards to look back on at a later date.

Pinterest allows users to save lists of products they want to buy – The marketing opportunities are impressive!

Pinterest is Instagram lite

While the number of men using Pinterest is rapidly growing, 70% of Pinterest users are actually female.

It seems that women love Pinterest and pinning products they would like to buy.

Instagram is also a social media buying experience. Instagram and Pinterest are similar, but they are not quite the same.

On Instagram we get to follow lifestyles of beautiful people who recommend products.

I think one of my twitter followers hit the nail on the head.

As the tweet says, Pinterest is a more seamless buying experience.

You can make lists of products to buy, while sidestepping all of the social aspect of Instagram.

I think it is best to consider that Pinterest is a product and ideas search engine.

On Pinterest we are also bombarded with the idyllic lifestyle we all wish we had (but very rarely shows the true life they lead).

Concerning Instagram, not everyone wants to constantly be invested in other people’s fabricated lifestyle. It becomes obnoxious, irritating and maybe even depressing.

Pinterest gives users product ideas that they can save and easily share in lists, without lowering their self esteem or feeling intimidated.

affLIFT has been a massive source of information for my marketing knowledge

If you don’t know, I used to run a pretty large and popular community for online marketers called Blackhatunderground.net (BHU). I recently wrote a blog post on my personal story of how I achieved $7,000 per month in private forum subscriptions.

So as you might expect, I know a thing or two about running communities.

However, in recent years following the retirement of my community, I began from the ground up as a premium member of the affLIFT community.

Without a doubt it is the best source of knowledge I now have.

Being a part of a real community of like minded marketers who are not scared of pushing boundaries or thinking outside the box has been invaluable to me.

It is not something I could ever risk losing at this point. The information inside has helped me tremendously and the people there have boosted my confidence as a marketer.

If you’d like to join, click the banner below.

afflift marketing forum

There aren’t many premium marketing communities left as good as this

Pinterest by the numbers

Omnicore wrote a great up-to-date post detailing tons of Pinterest statistics for September 2019.

pinterest marketing statstics

Many of the statistics are an eye opening glare into the motivations of its users

Here are some of the more interesting statistics

  • 40% of New Signups are Men; 60% are Women.
  • Over 50% of users live outside the US.
  • 80% of US mothers who use the internet uses Pinterest.
  • 28% of all US social media users are Pinterest users.
  • 40% of users Have a Household Income of $100k+,
  • 93% of active users said they use Pinterest to plan for purchases
  • 87% said they’ve purchased something because of Pinterest.
  • 72% of users use Pinterest to decide what to buy offline.
  • Pinterest said 85% of its users access Pinterest through a mobile device.
  • Food & Drink & Technology are the most popular categories for men.
  • Average time spent on Pinterest per visit is 14.2 minutes.
  • 64% Pinterest users described the platform as a place to find ideas, products or services they can trust.
  • 47% Social media users saw Pinterest as the platform for discovering and shopping for products.

The big question: Is Pinterest viable for your business?

People use Pinterest to consume goods, whether those goods are products, services or digital products.

They are there to find something they want to buy and this is why having a good understanding of Pinterest’s audience is key to your success.

Whether you are selling home office decor, eBooks, services and coaching or even a guide on something obscure like how to train your pet hamster to do backflips, Pinterest is a great platform for helping you achieve those sales.


Not every business finds success with Pinterest and often this is because their target audience is not on Pinterest or their Pinterest audience is on Pinterest, but they have not adapted to the way their audience would like to consume their content via Pinterest.

For example, users might read your content if they find it through Facebook, but when they use Pinterest, they are in a visual mindset and they often save pins for later, they are not there with the intention of reading a large blog post like the one you are reading now!

In January 2019 of this year, Social Media Examiner, a large long running authoritative website covering the topic of Social Media decided to drop Pinterest despite it being a high volume traffic source, here’s why…


In the Video, Mitch Dong explains,

“Over the last year, we have put all of our hope on Pinterest.

But then when we actually looked at the analytics, the behaviour of the people coming from Pinterest was very different than the behaviour of the people coming from Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

What this says is that while we get a lot more traffic from Pinterest than Instagram, they don’t stick around and they don’t become customers.

Over an entire year we only got 200 dollars in revenue from all that traffic that came from Pinterest.”

And it makes sense!

Remember the statistics from earlier?

  • 70% of Pinterest users are female
  • 80% of US mothers who use the internet uses Pinterest.
  • 72% of users use Pinterest to decide what to buy offline.
  • Pinterest said 85% of its users access Pinterest through a mobile device.
  • 47% Social media users saw Pinterest as the platform for discovering and shopping for products.

You MUST pay attention to your audience.

Social Media Examiner’s audience is not typically US mothers looking for ideas on what to buy at their local Home Decor store.

I’m not saying their strategy was wrong or that they made any mistakes.

I’m saying that if you are going to target Pinterest as a source of income for your business, then you must make sure that not only are the pins and content you create relevant to your audience on Pinterest, but that the traffic you receive is at some point sent to a product that they will actually buy and consume.

You must connect the dots of your Pinterest Marketing Strategy

The truth is that Pinterest has a unique group of users and you really have to tailor everything you do, including your landing pages and business, to accept that kind of traffic and help it fit in with your business.

You need to make sure you have your strategy foundations laid out if you want to win on Pinterest.

Pinterest requires a lot more investment than other platforms due to the nature of having to create unique content in the form of the pins.

As a business, if you feel you can be viable on Pinterest, you should plan ahead for this extra investment of time and money that is required.

So many marketers struggle with Pinterest, it is hard work and many fail.


But don’t allow the mischievous feeling doubt to dishearten you! It isn’t all doom and gloom, while others struggle, you will rise above. For every marketer that fails, you have less competition.

One of the great things about Pinterest is that it is full of opportunity. The user-base is constantly growing and evolving.

So while the site has been niche for US mothers and offline products for a long time, there are more and more people from other audiences now flocking to the platform looking to consume new content and new products.

One of the interesting things now occurring on Pinterest is that there are great canyons and vast mountain ranges when it comes to competition.

For example, Home Decor is a hugely competitive niche on Pinterest, but as the new audiences join Pinterest, there are new low competition, high search volume opportunities opening up.

Get proactive with competition research to access viability of Pinterest for your business

One of the ways you can check the viability of your Pinterest strategy and business is to do competition research by searching for your competitors on Pinterest.

Try to reverse engineer their strategy and work out how they are getting their Pinterest traffic and then how they are converting that traffic.

There are keywords out there that are very lucrative which can be taken advantage of, you just have to connect the dots.

So as a quick recap, if you want to ensure that taking your business to Pinterest is viable you must:

  • Use keyword research to target niche low competition keywords that are related to your business (This relation is not as strict as Google’s SEO)
  • Be prepared to invest in the special content required for this platform
  • Create a product your Pinterest audience will consume
  • Alternatively, align your website to accept Pinterest traffic and convert it into email subscribers or other social media channels
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On episode #2 of the Powerful Pinterest Marketing series…

pinterest marketer picture

Or rather, “Who’s that Pinterest Marketer?”

We will be taking a look at one of the Pinterest Marketing Champions who I believe is at the forefront of building and organically nurturing Pinterest accounts into a blossoming garden of juicy traffic and money making success.

Since I started this journey, I found myself consuming her content more than any other Pinterest marketer and I really believe she has an amazing strategy which is straight forward, easy to action but has a lot of working parts that she does very well.

It is the quality of her work, the attention to detail and her well thought out strategy which impressed me.

We will be picking apart her strategy, work and advice on the next episode.

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