Are you a Smart Internet Marketer(SIMer)?


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Are you a Smart Internet Marketer(SIMer)?

I genuinely want to ask you an important question and I hope you think about it for a moment and answer honestly.

Aren’t you tired of being forced into this imaginary box of ethics and morals that Google is forcing on your business?

This irrational yet widely accepted idea that if you do not follow what Google says then you are “spanked”, cast out and treated like a criminal, this even with the constantly changing guidelines(Rules) that Google itself violates. And then, after trying hard by spending time and money to be one of Google’s law abiding followers you STILL find yourself unrewarded and often punished seemingly without reason or explanation.

What I’d kindly like you to do is to try and imagine breaking away from Google, taking the focus away from what Google wants you to do and put the focus back on what is important, what is healthy and good for your business, because that it was matters most.

I often identify as Blackhat, but I have realized and admit that this is not the truth. I’m not Blackhat, I’m not Whitehat either. I’m whatever is good for my business and these notions of good and evil are fabricated by Google so devilishly well that I am also a victim of it by labelling myself as Blackhat.

Put the focus back on what is important, what is healthy and good for your business, because that it was matters most.

I came up with a concept for the “Smart Internet Marketer” or SIMer for short

An SIMer(Pronounced S-I-M-er) does not identify as Blackhat or Whitehat, an SIMer concentrates only on what works and is not swayed by the irrational pressures which force false illusions of bad morals and ethics just for looking out for your business in a way that is not good for Google’s business. An SIMer uses common sense and rational judgement to make the right ethical and moral calls. This does not mean the SIMer is unethical or a criminal, it simply means putting focus on what matters most to your business and what is relevant to your business, not what Google wants to make relevant and force businesses to do.

By trying to reach higher ranks in Google you are not breaking the law, only Google guidelines, and every business SHOULD be trying to reach higher Google rankings. Google is just a search engine, a website, they can’t force you to do anything and a lot of businesses find themselves no better off by following Google’s guidelines. Remember, what is best for you is not what is best for Google, they do not share the same goal as your business, they are a competitor and they simply need control of the market and your business to earn their money by scraping content from your business website and using it in their search engine(By the way, scraping content is hypocritically against their guidelines too.).

By thinking like an SIMer, Google and even SEO is simply one of many tools you can use to grow your business and you are not restricted by the ridiculous box they try to force you into.

What I’m trying to do with Smart Marketing.

I’m trying to drive a wedge in-between Google’s fear-mongering and the labels which plague online marketing. To wrestle away control from Google so they cannot define what is good and bad so chillingly and to take away the power they feel they have by making people feel as if they are a criminal for going against Google.

I also genuinely want to increase the spectrum of quality content out there. There is an awful lot of fluff and crap marketing content which gets posted all over the web. I want to consolidate the best information to a few great places online so we can see the most knowledgeable, original and helpful articles to our businesses without worrying if it is labelled Blackhat or Whitehat.

The future for Smart Marketing is bright and I hope in the coming months I begin to see people adopt this acronym and replace the old redundant Blackhat and Whitehat labels.

Remember, if you’re a Smart Marketer, you’re labelled as doing what’s best for your business, not what is best for Google, and that is what you want if you want to be successful online.

As an SIMer I want to surround myself with good original SEO related news, guides and resources.

If you’re also interested in being part of such places then subscribe to my blog and I’ll update you with news as they come.

For now, subscribe to the SIMer Subreddit as we work to find you the best content out there without the labels and without the fluff.

The SIMers Subreddit is dedicated to Smart Marketing. Smart Marketing is about rejecting the Whitehat and Blackhat labels in order to pursue what truly matters in Internet Marketing. A Smart Internet Marketer has morals and ethics but concentrates on what works and is not afraid of testing and experimenting in the marketing field. A Smart Marketer pushes boundaries and limits. Please add this Subreddit on Reddit.

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